Small event under the overpass

Jakarta had their new MRT just this year, and some place near the station renovated for tourism or entertainment purpose.

The most crowded station was Dukuh Atas MRT station. Why is that? Because Dukuh Atas station is a transfer station for people who want to take a commuter line and airport (commuter) line. Also, it happen to be a destination station for people who want to go to Grand Indonesia Mall (and the near busway station). So, it’s a very busy line for all.

The road in front of the MRT station that connects it to the commuter station was under the overpass, so it was a little bit danger. With creativity, it changed into some arts area ; with many beautiful lamps and graffiti. Sometimes it used for hold small events. Today, it had an earth event (BNI go green) with a simple music stage and arts event. It’s a very great tactic for promotion. People who only passed by (whether they stop over for watched or just passed by) could record it for social media and it made others aware of the event. The place was also very easy to reach by walk (from mall or three near stations).

I also had some photos because i passed it.

under the overpass, lots of graffiti and colored lamps (with no pillar whatsoever ; it’s an open space)
under the overpass
the small event
there was a small stage at the end of the road
the Artist

So, if you went to Jakarta and want to go to Grand Indonesia mall (located in central Jakarta), you could go with MRT or Commuter line (depends on where did you stay) and you could find this road when you get out of the station.

See you in the next destination!

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