Seaworld Ancol, North Jakarta

Have you ever been to Seaworld?

I went there last month. Seaworld Jakarta located in North Jakarta. It was one of the popular destination at Ancol Jakarta Bay. Seaworld as you know, was an educated place for learn about fishes. It consist of three water zone ; freshwater zone, coastal zone, and freshwater zone. People also could do lots of actitvities like feeding & diving show (with schedule) and touchpool (you can touch some aquatic animals ; baby shark, sea turtle, and starfish).

Also it had underwater tunnel too. I didn’t take lots of pictures because it was really crowded that day, but i’ll give you some picture i got from google images.

underwater tunnel.
img by : jejakpiknikcom
img by :
img by :
img by : tripAdvisor

I warned you, if you want to come here, do not come at weekend or holiday season. It will be pack with human. The price of admission for Seaworld Ancol is 85,000 Rupiah for weekdays and 100,000 Rupiah for weekend.

underwater tunnel
still underwater tunnel
i love underwater tunnel
New aquarium. Piranha aquarium

That’s all. I’m so sorry, i can’t give you lots of photo because it was packed with people. I got free ticket and it was on weekend.

Enjoy Jakarta! ❤

ps : Thank you to my friend who gave me free ticket.
more information about seaworld : here

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