Jakarta Aquarium Neo Soho

Jakarta Aquarium located in NEO SOHO, a big mall in west Jakarta. This was a new big aquarium. It had lots of small fish (from the cutest to the wild one) and also big fish (sharks, stingray, giant carp, etc). It had beautiful jellyfishes. Also, besides fish and other sea/water creatures, it also had tortoise, […]

Jatiluhur Dam held an event

Last week, i went to one of small district in west java, named Purwakarta, for a jazz event. I played with a big band. We played at 7 p.m, check sound at 4 p.m, so we went there at 11 a.m and got there at 2 p.m. Had enough time to take a rest. We […]

Small event under the overpass

Jakarta had their new MRT just this year, and some place near the station renovated for tourism or entertainment purpose. The most crowded station was Dukuh Atas MRT station. Why is that? Because Dukuh Atas station is a transfer station for people who want to take a commuter line and airport (commuter) line. Also, it […]

Seaworld Ancol, North Jakarta

Have you ever been to Seaworld? I went there last month. Seaworld Jakarta located in North Jakarta. It was one of the popular destination at Ancol Jakarta Bay. Seaworld as you know, was an educated place for learn about fishes. It consist of three water zone ; freshwater zone, coastal zone, and freshwater zone. People […]


This trip was an accidental trip. My uncle asked me to go with his family to a beach. I didn’t think much and said “okay” because i had free time. And, off we go! My uncle had appointment to go fishing with his friends. His wife, me, and my cousin stayed overnight in a small-comfort […]

BEIJING, but 2010

Almost ten years ago, i went to my first trip to Beijing. It was great and also tired. But, yes, i love Beijing. I’ll someday go back and go to place i wasn’t visiting yet. Beijing, for me, until today, is the most beautiful historical city i’ve ever visit. Hope i will go to other […]


Hello! So this is my first “new category” post! I’ll make travel/destination place category! So, as it’s written, it’s about my travelling story. I have one blog before, just for this category, but I deleted it because I didn’t think I want to go travel / going places ever again. But, I was wrong. I […]