I chatted with my friend randomly (2018) about how bare minimum (kindness) was a bare minimum that human need to have and do (including ; respecting each other & small gesture).

Couldn’t just adore people because of bare minimum because it could be “fake” kindness (just to impress) -as the bare minimum need to be done everyday to everyone, not just to the one we like. It was the basic/root of kindness and respect.

Now, in 2022, the “bare minimum” is pretty much on trend which’s good, but i feel like the “bare minimum” they speak and do are one side “kindness”.

Meaning, they said bare minimum is just bare minimum, and when people did it to us, just ignore it, because it need to be done (to us).

It sounds like “kindness is bare minimum and don’t need to be respected”.

and that’s pretty much disgusting.

Say “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” are also bare minimum, yet they feel entitled to do that.

It (bare minimum) needs to be done by both sides.

now, i feel very wrong and disgusted for said something like “bare minimum” even if it happened to be the different side of coins.


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