one of my lucky day


So, yesterday, or i could say two days ago, i played at Academy of Philosphy Driyarkara. And it just… excelent.

I mean, i attracted to philosophy (actually, one bigest Textboook, Kinda project i saved was basic Philosophy research, but after i read some of books, i kinda confused about what to publish first. LOL. So i’ll publish something about universe first.), and saw people like Prof. Dr F Magnis S and some other people made me starstruck. I didn’t expect them to come, actually. BUT, THEY DID COME.

So, i played brass trio with my friends (one of them studied there) and you wouldn’t believe this. Romo Magnis (that’s his nickname) sat in the front row and watched our performance from beginning! Yeah, it was just two songs, but………. imagine this. Romo Magnis didn’t sit still when other performed, but…. he was there when we performed. AND AFTER THAT, he started to moved around again. I mean. I was honored. THANK YOU, Romo Magnis!

I met Mrs. Karlina Supelli too, one first Indonesian Astronomer, Cosmologist and Philosopher. She’s a professor. I never knew her before, but.. as i really love astronomy and cosmology (yes, my next Textbook, Kinda that will publish) AND ALSO philosophy, i couldn’t refuse our meeting. LOL. Yes, i was stunned. She was very humble.

I also find new friend, he was a frater. He said that he was undergoing a thesis. He liked St. Agustine. I told him i love Anthony de Mello, and we talked for a while.

Well, that day was absolutely my lucky day. I hated it when i woke up and knew that i must went somewhere far from my home. I really want to sleep for days because i was tired mentally, but after i went and played there, i was relieved. It was very hard for me nowaday, to got those happy feeling and also lucky day, so i was very-very thankful for that.

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