Bilur (Welts)

Biru, ungu, hitam. Tak langsung selalu terkena. Apakah sakit? Tidak tahu. Aku sudah kebal. Biru, ungu, hitam. Adalah seorang kambing hitam. Apakah sakit? Tidak tahu. Itu sudah biasa. Biru, ungu, hitam. Mengerti alasan asalnya itu semua. Apakah sakit? Tidak tahu. Ini hanya beberapa bilur. Mungkin nanti akan hilang dengan sendirinya. Blue, purple, black. It often […]


being nice is easy. being kind is hard. nice can be just fakeness, but, you can’t fake kindness.


oh no. don’t get me wrong. i’m not mad for the fakeness you presented to other. i’m mad at the fakeness you created in front of me. i don’t care what you did outside, but didn’t you realize i could see what’s inside?

be prepare

when you found yourself, be prepare to adapt to society. that adapt doesn’t mean being someone else for the shake of society. that adapt means being for someone else as you. some will fit, some will not. and that’s okay.

do not grief

someday, when i die, please do not bring any flowers. do not bring yourself to come. to pray. to say something good or bad about me. do not even cry or feel sad. do not grief. do not pity me. because, i wanna go and feel at peace. without any burden.


sometimes it’s not how you choose your captain or weapons, but how you choose your thought, and learn to live with it, it’s all matters.

Poetry is . . .

poetry is not a book,is not literature,not a self journal. poetry is a letter,waiting to be read,by lost souls. Poesie ist kein Buch,ist keine Literatur, kein Selbstjournal. Poesie ist ein Brief,Warten darauf, gelesen zu werden, durch verlorene Seele. Poëzie is geen boek,is geen literatuur,geen zelfdagboek. Poëzie is een brief,wachten om gelezen te worden,door verloren ziel. […]

Hello, goodbye

Hello, Is for the first meeting. Goodbye, Is for later that evening. Hello, For everything i don’t understand. Goodbye, For everything which doesn’t need to stay and stand. Hello.. hello..I don’t know why you say, “Goodbye”, I say, “Hello”. The Beatles – Hello Goodbye