trying to fit-in is miserable and tiring. trying to adapt is challenging. i’m fine in my room. put your message outside my door, i’ll reach them very soon.

Bilur (Welts)

Biru, ungu, hitam. Tak langsung selalu terkena. Apakah sakit? Tidak tahu. Aku sudah kebal. Biru, ungu, hitam. Adalah seorang kambing hitam. Apakah sakit? Tidak tahu. Itu sudah biasa. Biru, ungu, hitam. Mengerti alasan asalnya itu semua. Apakah sakit? Tidak tahu. Ini hanya beberapa bilur. Mungkin nanti akan hilang dengan sendirinya. Blue, purple, black. It often […]


i used to… but now i haven’t… no reason, just experienced. world is cruel, but fair.

problem solving

since i was young, they taught me how to solve problem that i’d never had, how to not make another new problem, or how to make things right, perfecly. so i tried to change anything, to become my way. and they tried to change me, to become right way. but, they never taught me to […]

different thought for your art

when you show your art to non-artists, they search the reason. when you show your art to people, they search the meaning. when you show your art to fans, they search words to compliment or criticize. when you show your art to artists, they search you.

do not grief

someday, when i die, please do not bring any flowers. do not bring yourself to come. to pray. to say something good or bad about me. do not even cry or feel sad. do not grief. do not pity me. because, i wanna go and feel at peace. without any burden.