take me to ferris wheel

take me to ferris wheel, and let me go up for a while. remember things i’ve been through, and cry in exhaustion by myself. because i know for now on, everything will not get easy ever again. and let me pray for the one there, who got hard times in his life, could cry and […]

Thing and you

I can’t think about anything, Except you. Please, let me know everything, About you. But, don’t make me hope for something, From you. Because, i will say, i am distracted by a thing, By you.

As ever

I thought you will be different personally, From the one who suppposed to give time and love, yet almost never. I thought you can manage your time precisely, So i can be sure that i want to be with you forever. Now i know, you are similar with them eventually, Leaving myself with this silence […]

By you

I don’t remember,When the first time i liked to steal glances,Every five minutes i turned my head over my shoulder only to see your place.The place where you sat, at the back of the class. I stunned, by your intelligence,I stunned, by your personalities,I stunned, by your pretty face. Am i wrong to admire you? […]


You know i saw you every week. You always sit at the same place. Made me easy to notice you. I tried to glance at you, one or two times every twenty minutes. You noticed it. There was a time we could shake our hands, we smile at each other, gently. You gave me a […]

in the woods

We walked in the woods, talked to each other, found another path to go. I saw you’re smiling, when i said, “this is good, walking in the woods”, you said, “yes, there are lots of things here. Look!” You pointed to every little thing you saw. Everything seemed new to you, and your delicate face […]