trying to fit-in is miserable and tiring. trying to adapt is challenging. i’m fine in my room. put your message outside my door, i’ll reach them very soon.


I chatted with my friend randomly (2018) about how bare minimum (kindness) was a bare minimum that human need to have and do (including ; respecting each other & small gesture). Couldn’t just adore people because of bare minimum because it could be “fake” kindness (just to impress) -as the bare minimum need to be […]


i used to… but now i haven’t… no reason, just experienced. world is cruel, but fair.


hello friends, i’m so so sorry im not as active as before. it’s because i have writer’s block and i kept wondering if i can really write things. so, i think i’ll take a break for some times, but you still can catch me writing random things on my twitter pages. i am really sorry, […]

problem solving

since i was young, they taught me how to solve problem that i’d never had, how to not make another new problem, or how to make things right, perfecly. so i tried to change anything, to become my way. and they tried to change me, to become right way. but, they never taught me to […]


oh no. don’t get me wrong. i’m not mad for the fakeness you presented to other. i’m mad at the fakeness you created in front of me. i don’t care what you did outside, but didn’t you realize i could see what’s inside?

be prepare

when you found yourself, be prepare to adapt to society. that adapt doesn’t mean being someone else for the shake of society. that adapt means being for someone else as you. some will fit, some will not. and that’s okay.