I chatted with my friend randomly (2018) about how bare minimum (kindness) was a bare minimum that human need to have and do (including ; respecting each other & small gesture). Couldn’t just adore people because of bare minimum because it could be “fake” kindness (just to impress) -as the bare minimum need to be […]

Hello, this’s me.

hello, this is me, i’m so sorry for not as active as before on this blog, but i’m glad to say i’m still here, because i just can’t go anywhere now, as for literal and metaphore. Thank you very much for (still) following my blog or just hangin’ and readin’ some of my post. I […]

my brain puke this time.

well, it was some thought inside my mind while on quarantine some months ago. i wonder if it’s okay to put it here but… here we go… i write not just because i want to write.i write also because i want to talk my thought,and i hope it can help you too,not only just entertain […]

one of my lucky day

Hello! So, yesterday, or i could say two days ago, i played at Academy of Philosphy Driyarkara. And it just… excelent. I mean, i attracted to philosophy (actually, one bigest Textboook, Kinda project i saved was basic Philosophy research, but after i read some of books, i kinda confused about what to publish first. LOL. […]