oh no. don’t get me wrong. i’m not mad for the fakeness you presented to other. i’m mad at the fakeness you created in front of me. i don’t care what you did outside, but didn’t you realize i could see what’s inside?

be prepare

when you found yourself, be prepare to adapt to society. that adapt doesn’t mean being someone else for the shake of society. that adapt means being for someone else as you. some will fit, some will not. and that’s okay.

different thought for your art

when you show your art to non-artists, they search the reason. when you show your art to people, they search the meaning. when you show your art to fans, they search words to compliment or criticize. when you show your art to artists, they search you.

do not grief

someday, when i die, please do not bring any flowers. do not bring yourself to come. to pray. to say something good or bad about me. do not even cry or feel sad. do not grief. do not pity me. because, i wanna go and feel at ease.in peace. without any burden.

Hello, this’s me.

hello, this is me, i’m so sorry for not as active as before on this blog, but i’m glad to say i’m still here, because i just can’t go anywhere now, as for literal and metaphore. Thank you very much for (still) following my blog or just hangin’ and readin’ some of my post. I […]


i don’t wanna forget stories, i don’t wanna forget memories, i just wanna forget feelings that hurts.


sometimes it’s not how you choose your captain or weapons, but how you choose your thought, and learn to live with it, it’s all matters.

matters most

It doesn’t matter where, when, who, or how you started and ended, What matters most is you, and all things will follow.

it is what it is

They’ll always agree or disagree about everything, even for basic things. So, if you know the truth, and they refused to understand, they’ll think they win. But, the truth is that’s not your lost. As Oscar wilde said, “the truth is rarely pure and never simple”, i said this to you, “it is what it […]