my brain puke this time.

well, it was some thought inside my mind while on quarantine some months ago. i wonder if it’s okay to put it here but…

here we go…

i write not just because i want to write.
i write also because i want to talk my thought,
and i hope it can help you too,
not only just entertain you.

i thought i need to socialize.
i need to mingle,
i need to find new people,
i need to reconnect to my old friends.

but i was wrong.

if you have 1200 subjects, why’d you listened to people – who said you only could mastered 2-3 subjects?

if you could do 5, then do 5 – even if you need more time than others, because the ability to concentrate and personalities were indeed different.

roots are important, so is basic.
Then, authenticity and understanding who you are and what your core are the most incredible thing you can do for you and people who looked up to you.

If you wanna be a musician, listened to musicians, not only performers.
Not every performers were musician, but every musicians were performer -even though they chose to be “behind the screen” person.

branding is everything.
passion is more than everything.

If there’s people who criticize you but made bad examples, those guys were below than you now, indeed.
That’s not a good criticism, that’s their insecurity.

If there were people who criticize you but their tones sounded very mean/rough/not in a good way/made you cry,
that’s okay. They were also learning how to communicate. Just take what you need and said thank you.

Not all admirable people are inspiring. But all inspiring people are admirable.

Sin wasn’t meaning doing wrong things -according to some writings,
but instead doing some things and hurting/harming people.

7 deadly sins had been told, not for us to look cool or rebel. Not also for judge people.
But told to understand ; when we did that – one of 7 sins, we affected people around us (in a bad way). We were hurting ourselves and them. That’s the reason those called sins.

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