Jakarta Aquarium Neo Soho

Jakarta Aquarium located in NEO SOHO, a big mall in west Jakarta. This was a new big aquarium. It had lots of small fish (from the cutest to the wild one) and also big fish (sharks, stingray, giant carp, etc). It had beautiful jellyfishes. Also, besides fish and other sea/water creatures, it also had tortoise, otter, crabs, porcupines, bearcat, etc. For me personally, this place was amazing. Hope they took care of them carefully and nothing bad happened to them.

The ticket was a little bit expensive. For adult, Rp 150.000,00 on weekdays and Rp 200.000,00 on weekend. Well, but for those beautiful place and beautiful creatures, it’s not that expensive. As i wrote this, they will add penguin there.


big carp.

baby stingray -because i’m afraid of big stingray- and other animals (the black one was also fishes) – blue tongued skink on the last picture.

small aquarium – me and sleeping bearcat

It was a two stories floor, a ground one (for small and big aquarium, also small 5D theater and small stage for performance) and first floor (some small aquarium, insects, mamals -bear cat, otter, porcupine, etc- , iguana, tortoise & blue tongued skink (touch pool), baby fishes, and many more. It went from first floor to ground floor.

I love this place, perhaps someday i can go there again and watch some attractions they offered. For more information, you can see here. I told you this, you will not regret. LOL

I actually made lots of video but… i couldn’t post it here. I’m so sorry.

p.s : This was actually, again, sudden visited because didn’t know where to go lol. And i’m not mad, i’m happy.

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