People tend to forget this type of quotient. Spiritual quotient (or i would say Spiritual Intelligence) is the capacity of an individual to possess a socially relevant purpose in life by understanding ‘self’ and having a high degree of conscience, compassion and commitment to human values (according to Vineeth V. Kumar and Manju Mehta). SQ is developmental theorists to indicate spiritual parallels with IQ and EQ. (In 1997, Paul Stoltz introduced us to AQ, and i affected SQ’s development too.)

It has been argued that Spiritual Intelligence cannot be recognized as a form of intelligence. Howard Gardner, originator of multiple intelligence theory, chose not to include spiritual intelligence amongst his intelligences due to the challenge of codifying quantifiable scientific criteria.  But, according to Stephen Covey, “Spiritual intelligence is the central and most fundamental of all the intelligences, because it becomes the source of guidance for the others.”

Spiritual Intelligence is not always related to one religion, faith, or even not always about God. David B. King defines spiritual intelligence as a set of adaptive mental capacities based on non-material and transcendent aspects of reality, specifically those that “…contribute to the awareness, integration, and adaptive application of the nonmaterial and transcendent aspects of one’s existence, leading to such outcomes as deep existential reflection, enhancement of meaning, recognition of a transcendent self, and mastery of spiritual states.”
But must important are individual behavior and social behavior -related to karma/the principle of sowing and reaping. Husni Tanra illustrated that someone with high SQ is aware when they harms others, because it means they are harming themselves.

David B. King further proposes four core abilities or capacities of spiritual intelligence:

Critical Existential Thinking
The capacity to critically contemplate the nature of existence, reality, the universe, space, time, and other existential/metaphysical issues; also the capacity to contemplate non-existential issues in relation to one’s existence (i.e., from an existential perspective).

Personal Meaning Production
The ability to derive personal meaning and purpose from all physical and mental experiences, including the capacity to create and master a life purpose.

Transcendental Awareness
The capacity to identify transcendent dimensions/patterns of the self (a transpersonal or transcendent self), of others, and of the physical world (non-materialism) during normal states of consciousness, accompanied by the capacity to identify their relationship to one’s self and to the physical.

Conscious State Expansion
The ability to enter and exit higher states of consciousness (pure consciousness, cosmic consciousness, unity, oneness) and other states of trance at one’s own discretion (as in deep contemplation, meditation, prayer, etc.).

People rarely focus on Spiritual intelligence because it look very abstract and people couldn’t quiet understand what to do. People tend to stop learning on SQ because, let’s face it, make a balance AQ and EQ are already so much work to do, and make high IQ is more difficult than it seems. But, what they don’t understand is developed SQ can easiness developed of AQ, EQ and IQ. SQ make people feel present with the understanding of conciousness and self. It really helps AQ, EQ and IQ to develop. It will make people be more focus about what they want to be and do, also know and understand the meaning of it.

Spiritual Quotient developmental

It is not similar with Existential Intelligence, as for Existential Intelligence (one of the IQ’s type) is about have sensitivity and capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence, such as the meaning of life, why we die, and how did we get here.

Spiritual Quotient is more about conciousness, how people make sure that the answer is the deep truth, authentic, good, and in balance ; it happened from developing those four point above -and also balanced by AQ, IQ, and EQ. SQ tend to keep people enlighten -increasing conciousness, understanding unconciousness, open minded (not only knowing and understanding, also receiving differences and respecting) and always develop strength in a good way for the shake of themselves and other, as for Existential intelligence tend to make people asking the existential question -look for some appropriate deep answers .

to be continued . . .
next session : Intuitive Quotient / Intuitive Intelligence

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