Intuitive Intelligence lies beyond the boundaries of science and analytics. It bridges the realms of reality and imagination, reason and instinct, material and spiritual dimensions of human existence. Intuitive Intelligence is non-linear.

Intuition, argues Gerd Gigerenzer, a director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, is less about suddenly “knowing” the right answer and more about instinctively understanding what information is unimportant and can thus be discarded.

Theo Humphries argues that intuitive design can be described as “understandable without the use of instructions”. This is true when an object makes sense to most people because they share a common understanding of the way things work.

In some respects, intuition could be thought of as a clear understanding of collective intelligence. For example, most web sites are today organized in an intuitive way, which means they are easy for most people to understand and navigate. This approach evolved after many years of chaos online, as a common wisdom emerged over what information was superfluous and what was essential.

Intuitive Intelligence is different with Spiritual Intelligence. Intuitive Intelligence is developed when people understand the idea & reality, conciousness, subconciousness, and unconciousness, and follow their higher instinc. Their higher instinc build up from their SQ and considering possibility. Once it developed, Intuitive intelligence is matured to follow the possibility with reading circumstance (from EQ), understanding clear purpose (from SQ), knowing the right things to do (from IQ), and solving the problem in time (from AQ). It is actually the product of ancestral behavior, but more modern culture make intuitive intelligence more forgotten.

People who developed this intelligence tend to have vision about subjects. Albert Einstein is an example of people who push his mind to developed this kind of intelligence.

Yes, there are lots of people who cannot really get the idea and find it difficult to developed it, but it doesn’t meaning that they cannot.

If you follow MBTI charts personalities, it is not similar with intuitive section type. On MBTI intuitive type peronality ; being Intuitive means you try and find the deeper meaning in things. But, intuitive intelligence is how to project the pattern, possibility, and knowledge into one big vision.

The theory is similar (an inner voice which guide to choose ways) but with different approach. People who listen to their intuition can connect with their true selves, including past experiences, emotions, and the “sixth sense” that helps you reach creative solutions.

Many people think intuition is just a form of guessing. Actually, it is much more. Some researchers say it is “the highest form of Intelligence.” Is it? We often call it our “gut feel.” Well, our gut doesn’t do any thinking except perhaps telling we are hungry. Often we are ready to make a decision, but feel uncomfortable about it for some reason. That could be intuition, giving us a subtle warning.

Bruce Kasanoff paraphrased Albert Einstein:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Kasanoff continues:

“If all you do is sit in a chair and trust your intuition, you are not exercising much intelligence. But if you take a deep dive into a subject and study numerous possibilities, you are exercising intelligence when your gut instinct tells you what is–and isn’t–important.”

The two halves of your “grey matter” (your cerebral cortex) and the thick network of nerves connecting them (the corpus collusum) are your “thinking cap” — the “higher thinking” portion of your brain. 

This portion of your brain accounts for :
(1) mental skills such as logic and analysis,
(2) interpreting input from your five physical senses (vision, smell, hearing, touch and taste.)

Here’s an example of how intuition works: In the millisecond you enter a strange room or situation your brain integrates:
(1) the input from all your higher thinking,
(2) the input from all five senses,
(3) your entire lifetime of experience. 

Your whole brain immediately analyzes the situation, compares it to your lifetime of experience, and gives you a spontaneous “gut level” feeling about that environment. Either its safe and you feel relaxed and comfortable, or its somehow threatening, and you feel nervous or “on edge.” 

Grey matter collected and processed all information from white matter and sends instruction to organ. The decision maker.

This intelligence tend to be an underdog intelligence because not really much people understand and connect or develop it.
People always says “experience beat everything”, but what they didn’t know is experience tend to develop this intelligence for only some people. Sometimes people (who understand this) excercise this kind of intelligence when the other just waiting for opportunity (and waiting for time to shape them). Intuitive Intelligence is making the opportunity for people.

Image source : HEC Paris

It isn’t just scientists and business leaders who are interested in this power of the mind. Inquiries come from people in all walks of life-people eager to know that there is more to intelligence than science and technology have given us. They perceive the limits of the technological way of looking at things. They sense that a larger spectrum of intelligence needs to be brought to bear on the world’s problems. Of course, creative artists have always known that creativity is cradled in intuition. If intuition were not already available today it would have to be invented.

There’s no formal or acronim name for Intuitive intelligence, but some people who had already studied and wrote down their research this quotient, called it NQ. And now we will wait until some professor socialize this and make it popular (like other intelligence).

So, back to beginning on my research here,
Why is it important?
Why i really want people to know this?

World changes as a matter of seconds. Lots of people grow mature in a matter of seconds. Today reality will not be future reality, it will be past in tomorrow reality.
We need to find OR be more open minded person with maturity and responsibility, which connect with all purpose in life from creativity, morality, economically, and politically. We must learn ALL this.

Lots of people nowadays still life with their close minded thought (their thought from some century ago, felt they are very open minded but not) and ruined other people thought (expecially teens and young adults future).

WHY we need to learn this as soon as possible? Because we need to be more mature and clever then we before (right now). I write this as you know that there’re lots of thing we don’t know and don’t want to know because all limitation from culture and even from this modern day life.

I understand that know the theory alone will not help, but when you begin know it, you will have an eager to do it.

And.. as it finished i will say,
Good luck!


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