By you

I don’t remember,
When the first time i liked to steal glances,
Every five minutes i turned my head over my shoulder only to see your place.
The place where you sat, at the back of the class.

I stunned, by your intelligence,
I stunned, by your personalities,
I stunned, by your pretty face.

Am i wrong to admire you?

I stood in front of bulletin board, near the class door,
Realized the news that we won’t be in a same class anymore,
I stared at it blanky, more and more,
And didn’t realize you stood next to me for hours.

“Did they make you move class?” You asked.
I just said yeah they did and hide my gasp.

My cheeks turned red and my heart beat faster.
I tried to look at you, as you looked at me much more closer.

“Too bad…” You smile sadly,
as you knew how i feel greatly.

Oh God, please tell me,
Do i have to be sad or happy?

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